Why is Erica Mena not worried about Corona Virus? Read further to know why!


Erica Mena is 32 year old American television personality and recording artist. She came under the spotlight as a model and video vixen through her cameos in several music videos. She’s very good looking and always is the centre of attention.

Amid Coronavirus fears it looks as if Erica Mena and Safaree are not just concerned about the coronavirus pandemic instead they are more worried about health. We believe it to be true because of the recent Instagram posts they have been sharing. Erica Mera thinks that there are acute and more severe things to worry about around the world and Safaree seems almost sure the government has something to do with the whole thing.

Erica shared an attractive picture of herself draped in a white dress which was liked by her fans. But what brought attention was the fact that her tummy looked flat after her pregnancy.

It really appears to be diminishing way quicker than expected and fans really like the fact that she doesn’t brag about it.

Amid Corona Virus fears, Erica Mena told her fans that they should take more care of their psychological health these days, given the fact that there is so much unrest and panic in the world today.


Here’s the post he shared on his social media account.
With everything that is happening in this world right now Protect and attend to your mental health, Erica Mena posted.

One fan commented that she looked much better with the baby’s weight and another person posted that a lot of people joke and play about mental health and a person who takes care of it personally knows it and that it is just as serious as any other health problem.