Why Good Writing Skills Are Important Nowadays

Writing is not a skill that comes naturally to most people. In fact, writing can be a challenge, and we’ve all come across people whose writing is difficult to understand or confusing. Indeed, one of the more challenging parts of our heavily online lifestyle is overcoming the many challenges created by the poor writing skills of others, which can not just create confusion but lead to conflict due to misunderstandings. That said, a large number of people wonder why we need to have good writing skills at a time when more and more of our mediated communication is done through video. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons that good writing skills are important. We’ll start with one of the most obvious.

Why Good Writing Skills Are Important Nowadays 3

People Judge You Based on Your Writing

It might not be pleasant or particularly valid, but we tend to judge other people by how well they communicate. When you communicate clearly and effectively, studies have found that you are judged as smarter, more competent, and more personable than if you are not able to communicate clearly. Therefore, if your writing is ungrammatical, confusing, and hard to read, the people trying to puzzle it out will tend to think you are less intelligent and competent. By contrast, when your writing is clear, you will find that people will look at you as more intelligent and more competent. You want to do everything you can to make a great impression. 

A corollary to this is the rise of so-called “text-speak” in formal writing. Employers and educators have complained for the past decade about the creeping use of internet slang and abbreviations in formal writing. For example, a growing number of students write things like “thru” instead of “through,” or “u” instead of “you.” There are a growing number of cases where formal writing includes “lol” or similar online abbreviations and slang. This is problematic, not just because it risks confusing readers who may not be familiar with very online language, but also because it gives the impression that the writer is unserious and not well trained in the conventions of elite writing. There are many services that can assist you, but at times you might wonder if they can write my essays for me. Well, there are ways you can learn from the best and also get it done.

Succeed in School

The most obvious way good writing skills help is in getting good grades at school, where writing is an essential part of the education process. Today, students are writing more essays than ever before, and the need to write clearly and effectively has never been stronger, particularly with schools putting more emphasis on core skills, including writing. When you can express yourself well in written form, you will be more likely to get higher grades and effectively navigate your way to degree completion. That’s one reason that more students are turning to professional essay services for legitimate academic writing help. When you make use of the power of an essay writing company like SmartWritingService to help you develop your paper online, you will learn the best way to write any type of essay, giving you an advantage over your peers. Custom papers provide an expert’s perspective on the right way to approach a specific essay topic, and by reading how experts would develop a paper on your topic, you can begin to learn the rhythms and patterns that make for strong and compelling academic writing with a lot of benefits.

Writing is an Essential Business Skill

Strong oral and written communication skills are the number one most common job requirement across the board, and it’s important that you be able to demonstrate your strong writing skills in order to maximize your chances of being seen as qualified for the job of your dreams. This is true not just for jobs that seem to be based in writing like journalism and PR, but also for jobs at every level. For example, many positions will require you to write reports, memoranda, or even funding requests, and these need to be written well so that bosses, clients, and contractors can understand what you’ve written and act on it. Indeed, writing skills are so prized in the business world that employers have long complained that colleges and universities aren’t doing enough to give students the writing skills they need to be effective in the workplace. 

Because business writing skills are so valued, it’s not unheard of for employers to provide new hires with writing tests to judge how well they are able to write. In some cases, employees have been forced to complete remedial business writing training as a condition of employment. You want to avoid the embarrassment and the burden on potential employers by demonstrating that you are coming to your new job with all of the skills that you need to be successful.

Getting What You Want

Good writing skills aren’t just about giving employers what they want. They are also about getting what you want. If you aren’t able to put your requests and complaints in clear language, you won’t be able to get the assistance you need when you need it. For example, imagine that you need to explain to an online seller why you need to return a product that you purchased and your reason doesn’t match one of the preselected options in the drop-down menu, or the retailer requires a written explanation. If you can’t provide your request in a clear and easily understood way, it is unlikely that you will be able to successfully return the item.