Why does our very own Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe anti social media? Did the early limelight and the stardom affect his mindset?

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is no unknown name. There are some people who may not know this name, but they will know the name of Harry Potter for sure. Who doesn’ know Harry Potter, right? Right, no one.

But despite playing such a famous character, why does Daniel stay away from social media? What makes him anti towards it? These are some questions the fans may have in mind. Well, the star did reveal a little bit regarding the topic.

Daniel Radcliffe was only eleven years old when he first stepped into the Harry Potter movies. The Harry Potter movies turned into blockbusters, and this little boy became a superstar at a very young age. Having such a massive share of the limelight as a child actor can be tough.

But apparently, Daniel has little sympathy for the stars who post every little update on social media and then complain about a lack of privacy. Daniel says there are many actors who share details about their private lives on Facebook and Twitter. And then, later on, they claim about how they don’t get privacy. Daniel says no one should take these actors seriously.

It seems singer Elton John agrees with Daniel’s point of view. He says he hates celebrity culture and is sick of seeing the celebrities tweeting and posting every little update on social media. Daniel said during an interview that he is not very fond of the limelight. And he tries to avoid it as much as he can. He feels there are certain things we can do to make it easier. Radcliffe stays away from social media despite having such a huge fan following.

He feels that not having a Twitter or a Facebook account made things a lot easier for him. He added if an actor claims about not having privacy after sharing what they are doing from moment to moment, then no one will take them seriously. Daniel said people feel he has a chip on his shoulder in a bad way. But he feels it’s a good thing if it motivates him.

Radcliffe admits that he was really┬álucky in the initial stage of his career. But he doesn’t want to depend on it. But he doesn’t feel his stardom took away his childhood. He admitted that it frustrated him when he was 18 or 19 because he had to think before going anywhere. But later on, he claims those feelings were childish.

Well, there is a certain degree of brutal honesty to what Radcliffe said. But we sure love our Harry Potter and we always will.