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Why Did Drake Fuel His Rivalry With British Rapper Stormzy All Of a Sudden? Is there some hidden motive behind it?

It seems like two rappers from the music industry might have reignited their age-old feud after one of these people followed a certain person on Instagram! Who are all these people we are talking about? Let’s find out the details!

Drake Might Have Fuelled His Rivalry With Stormzy Yet Again!

Fans are no stranger to the feud that Drake has with Stormzy over all these years! However, Drake might have reignited the bad blood yet again by following Stormzy’s girlfriend Yasmine on Instagram! She is already a pretty popular figure on social media.

The Swedish beauty is dating Stormzy for a while now and is pretty smitten by him. Such is their love that as soon as it was possible she flew to London to see her man. Yasmine stayed for a while and even socialized at Stormzy’s birthday party and met all his friends. She even walked his dogs as well.

The Two Artists Share A Cold Vibe Between Them!

Drake caused an indirect rift between him and the British rapper when he mentioned Stormzy’s ex-girlfriend Maya Jama in his track Only You freestyle. It has been quite a while since the two broke up and it was speculated that the reference was a dig at Stormzy! The two have broken up and that is all in the past right now.

Now, the British rapper is dating Yasmine and seems to be all serious in love. While there might be no ulterior motive of Drake following her on Instagram, considering she is already quite popular on social media. There might be no plan to continue with the rivalry or maybe there is? That is something that might go unexplained.

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