Why Did Demi Lovato And Selena Gomez Drifted Apart Despite Being Close Friends At One Time? Was Selena Gomez not “reciprocating” her friendship? Read for all details.

Both Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have started early in their careers and we’re teenage sensations from a young age. They together have also been part of several projects as well.  However the two might have drift apart over all these years!

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Why Did Old Friends, Demi Lovato, And Selena Gomez Drift Apart All Of A Sudden?

However, while the two have been friends for quite a while with the two often hyping each other up on social media, fans were shocked when Demi revealed on an exclusive interview that she is not really friends with Selena anymore. This revelation was truly shocking considering that both of them were good friends from a very early age in their lives.

While Demi went on to explain that although they are not friends doesn’t mean that they have bad beef between them as well! She also said although they are not that close anymore, Demi wants nothing but all the happiness for Selena.

The Two Celebs Have Often Hyped Each Other Up On Social Media.

Recently, an insider has revealed that the two celebs kind of drifted apart because of Selena never really given as much as Lovato when they were friends. So it seems like Demi’s friendship was not really reciprocated well. While both of then had been struggling with some personal issues, it is kind of understandable that why the former friends drifted apart.

While Demi has been struggling with her addiction issues and Selena with her mental health issues, the might have been too busy with their respective lives at this point. However like true friends they have always hyped and praised each other and their work as well