Why Chad Michael Murray Left Gossip Girl Midway With No Further Appearances In The Revival As Well?

The popular teen drama series Gossip Girls received an overwhelming response from fans, the series was hugely loved because of their varied range of characters, however, one character was surprisingly written off and we wonder what led to his exit?

What Led To Chad Michael Murray’s Sudden Exit From Gossip Girl?

Fans were stunned when Tristan Dugray disappeared from the show and his exit was never really explained elaborately. Actor Chad Michael Murray’s exit was later explained and here’s why he had to leave the show midway.

Apparently, Murray’s character Tristan is shown to be sent to a military school in North Carolina after breaking into his father’s safe. Moreover, fans got to see the character of Tristan in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, although the bad boy character was played by Anton Narinskiy, and shockingly not Chad Michael Murray.

The Actor Did Not Make An Appearance For The Revival As Well. Here’s Why. 

This absence was later addressed by Liza Weil, who played Paris Gellar, saying that Murray’s work schedule clashed with the ongoing dates and thus, his appearance never really happened in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Actor Chad Michael Murray later also addressed his absence while saying that he wished he was there for the role but he is happy as all his buddies got to go back. The One Tree Hill star had a lot going on for him during the revival as he was about to be a father and wished all the luck for the revival although he couldn’t be a part of it. Well, we missed the actor who gained quite popularity with his bad boy charms in the series.