Who, What, When about ‘Black Adam’ the super-villain? Details are finally here!!

The American supervillain film ‘Black Adam’ is expected to go on floors by late 2020.

After a very long wait, Black Adam, a movie based on the American supervillain from DC comics by the same name starring megastar Dwayne Johnson, is expected to start filming before the end of next year.

In a recent interview with Collider, the producer, Hiram Garcia, who can’t contain his excitement after the success of his last superhero movie, Shazam, explains how important was the success of Shazam for them to move forward with Black Adam, who is the nemesis of Shazam. The success gave them a push to get out into the world and create the DC universe.

He further informs that Jaume Collet-Serra has closed a deal with Warner Bros for the direction. Now, after an exemplary script, talented director and a popular star in the titular role, they are in the process of assembling the crew and team of filmmakers, post which movie is expected to go in production by the end of 2020.

Black Adam

Who, What, When about ‘Black Adam' the super-villain? Details are finally here!! 1
Dwayne Johnson | Black Adam | DC Comics

Black Adam, the fictional character, which is regarded as one of the greatest villains of all time, will undergo a journey in this movie. People will get to witness his growth and evolvement into an antihero. Hiram, who is a fanboy of the DC universe himself, explains that Black Adam is complex. He is not justice for all, but he is not just a villain either. He has a moral compass even if it’s a skewed one. His actions are driven by his family and fuelled by things that happened with him.

The team is going into polishes and tweaks with a great set of storytellers that they have. They have a vision, and they are working towards it.

The wait of Johnson’s fans to see him as Black Adam will finally come to an end very soon, hopefully.