Who is the famous Cassandra Lang in Marvel Comics? Here is everything you need to know about the fictional character and all latest updates on it.

Cassandra lang or better known as Cassie was born with a congenital heart condition. Scott Lang became Ant-Man to save her life in the comics.

In Marvel Comics, Cassie Lang has powers like her father’s, and she passes by the superhuman name of Stature or Stinger.


As a small kid, Cassie experienced an inherent heart imperfection. To spare her life, her dad, Scott Lang, took Henry Pym’s Ant-Man hardware and Pym Particles, which he uses to save Doctor Sondheim, the main specialist ready to fix Cassie’s condition, from Cross Technological Enterprises.

As Cassie became more established she wanted to turn into a legend simply like her dad. With Ant-Man for a father, Cassie had the option to experience the world’s most prominent heroes around on a successive basis.

After the separation of her parents, Cassie’s dad Scott Lang joined the Avengers. Cassie invested quite a bit of her energy with her dad living in Avengers Mansion. She adored and appreciated her dad, and framed a solid relationship with his partners.


Cassie was conceived as an ordinary human with no superpowers, however through deliberate, rehashed presentation to Pym Particles she picked up her extraordinary forces.

Cassie Lang can increment and reduce her size. She can turn out to be about 40 feet (12 m) tall and can psychologist to the size of an ant. Her capacities appeared to be energized by her feelings. She develops when she blows up and recoils when she feels regretful.

At the point when her dad was executed as an Avenger by an unhinged Scarlet Witch, she pulled back from her mom and stepfather and anticipated fleeing to California to join the Runaways, that was until she saw the Young Avengers on TV.


Cassie’s new outfit, similar to her old one is made of flimsy particles, permitting it to develop and shrivel alongside her will.