Who Is Sunny Hostin’s Husband? Discover All About Emmanuel Hostin – Unveiling Surprising Details

Who Is Sunny Hostin’s Husband? All About Emmanuel Hostin

Who Is Sunny Hostin’s Husband? All About Emmanuel Hostin

Sunny Hostin, the renowned television personality, is married to the esteemed Emmanuel Hostin. But who exactly is Emmanuel Hostin? In this article, we will explore the life, career, and achievements of Emmanuel Hostin, including his background, profession, net worth, and his relationship with Sunny Hostin.

1. Early Life and Education

Emmanuel Hostin was born on September 5, 1970, in New York. He comes from a mixed ethnicity background, with American, Puerto Rican, and Jewish heritage. He pursued his medical education at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, where he obtained his medical degree. He further honed his skills as a Health System Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.

1.1 Medical Certification

Emmanuel Hostin received his board certification as an orthopedic surgeon from the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

2. Career as an Orthopedic Surgeon

Emmanuel Hostin is a highly respected orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports injuries. He currently works as an Orthopedic Physician at Lenox Hill Hospital, where he has built an impressive track record over the years. His expertise lies in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect muscles, bones, and joints.

2.1 Work with Sports Personalities

With over two decades of experience, Emmanuel Hostin has worked with numerous sports personalities, providing them with top-notch medical care. His skill and dedication in the field have earned him positive reviews from both patients and medical professionals.

2.1.1 Medical Missions in Haiti

In addition to his regular practice, Emmanuel Hostin has also been actively involved in medical missions. He was among the doctors who participated in medical missions to Haiti following the devastating earthquake. His selfless efforts and contribution to humanity highlight his compassionate nature.

3. Financial Success and Net Worth

Emmanuel Hostin has not only achieved excellence in his medical career but also financial success. As an orthopedic surgeon, he earns a substantial salary, with reports estimating it to be over $500,000. His net worth is believed to be around $1 million, and in partnership with his wife Sunny, he also owns a share of the Alvin & Friends restaurant in New Rochelle, New York.

3.1 Affiliation with Hospitals and Medical Organizations

Emmanuel Hostin is affiliated with several reputable hospitals and medical organizations, further solidifying his reputation in the field. An example of his professional prowess is obtaining his New York State medical license in 2002.

4. The Relationship with Sunny Hostin

The marriage between Emmanuel Hostin and Sunny Hostin, ABC News senior legal analyst and co-host of “The View,” has garnered significant attention. The couple exchanged their vows in August 1998, and they have since become a role model for many.

4.1 Love Story and Family

Their love story began when they were introduced by a mutual friend on a double date. Over the years, their friendship blossomed into love, leading them to take the sacred vows of marriage. Emmanuel and Sunny are proud parents to two children, their son Gabriel, born in 2002, and their daughter Paloma, born in 2006.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, Emmanuel Hostin is an accomplished orthopedic surgeon and sports injury specialist. His dedication to his profession, financial success, and loving relationship with Sunny Hostin showcase his multifaceted personality. Emmanuel Hostin continues to make a significant impact in the field of medicine and serves as an inspiration to aspiring orthopedists.


Q1: How long have Emmanuel Hostin and Sunny Hostin been married?

A1: Emmanuel Hostin and Sunny Hostin have been married for over 20 years since their wedding in August 1998.

Q2: What is Emmanuel Hostin’s net worth?

A2: Emmanuel Hostin’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, in addition to his successful career as an orthopedic surgeon.

Q3: Where does Emmanuel Hostin work as an orthopedic surgeon?

A3: Emmanuel Hostin is currently employed at Lenox Hill Hospital as an Orthopedic Physician.

Q4: What is Emmanuel Hostin’s area of expertise?

A4: Emmanuel Hostin specializes in sports injury treatment as an orthopedic surgeon.

Q5: How many children do Emmanuel Hostin and Sunny Hostin have?

A5: Emmanuel Hostin and Sunny Hostin have two children, a son named Gabriel, born in 2002, and a daughter named Paloma, born in 2006.