Who is Doctor Strange and What Are His Superpowers? A Guide To The Mystic Arts Sorcerer.

Did you know that Dr. Strange was just added as a filler hero, in his first appearance in the Strange Tale Comic books? From being a filler to becoming one of the central and strongest characters in MCU, he has had quite the journey.

If we start off with Dr. Stephen Strange, he has no superpowers and is just a normal human. He became an expert physician, but his surgical skills came to his huge ego, which was pretty much unbearable in polite company.

He gets into a terrible road accident, which leads to him losing his motor control and, ultimately, his career as a surgeon. He starts off a journey to cure himself of the palsy, and in this desperation to look for a cure, he goes off to Tibet in search of the Ancient One, who is known to be capable of curing his injuries.

Acquiring His Powers

After a few initial days of meditation, he joins in the Ancient One to learn magic. And while learning magic, he begins to see the UniverseUniverse as a place of immense knowledge & power, with the right mentality, his magic can be used to defend the Earth against destructive powers. After a few weeks of failure, Strange finally learns to use his magic spells, incantations, and other powers such as the Eye Agamotto and Cloak of Levitation as his tools against evil forces.

The source of Dr. Strange’s magical powers is the manipulation of supernatural energy sources that exist in the Universe. With his training with the Ancient One, he learns to attune, understand, and manipulate this energy. His connection to the powerful forces has given him an understanding of the underlying aspects of those powers.

The Eye of Agamotto allows Strange to enhance his mental powers, reveal truths, and see in other dimensions. It is also Strange’s one of the most revered artifacts.

The Magical House

Strange has a base in New York, where he keeps all the magical tools like the Orb of Agamotto and various other magical artifacts that he has captured. The Orb also acts as a means of teleportation between locations and other dimensions.

Doctor Strange’s Sidekicks

Doctor Strange generally has an assistant or apprentice who works and lives with him. Two of his most famous assistants are Wong and Clea.

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Wong first appeared in Strange Tale#110. He met Dr.Strange in Kamar-Taj when he was still training to gain his powers, he is from a family of Monks, who work as caretakers of the Supreme Sorcerer. He helps Dr. Strange with his Martial Arts training and also with his cases.

Another of the Doctor’s famous assistants is Clea, who is from the Dark Dimensions who wanted to learn magic from Strange to help take over her kingdom. She is the daughter of Prince Orini and sister to the current ruler Dormammu. She is the legitimate heir of the kingdom. She had a relationship with Dr.Strange for quite some time until she returned to take back her throne.

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Doctor Strange has been around for a significant amount and has battled the whos-who of the characters from the Marvel Universe, from battling forces that would destroy all of reality, to fighting Hulk in hand to hand combat, Dr. Strange has done it all.

Dr. Strange is one of the most daunting forces in the MCU; his underlying strength comes from understanding that everything is not like it appears, and having godlike powers certainly aid him in his endeavors.