Who does not love Tesla? But it is giving people hard time to believe that the same Tesla ans its cool tech has killed a guy!

Everyone has a dream car, and it feels otherworldly when you can finally invest all your savings into your dream car. Well, if you can’t save enough money to buy the car, you lease it out. The same worked for Omar Awan, he earned money and leased out his dream car but something he did not expect happened then, he lost control of it.

Omar Awan owned a sleek blue Model S Tesla. But as he drove his car around Florida, the Tesla careened across the road and finally slammed into a palm tree. Fortunately for Omar Awan, he was safe, and the crash did not kill him. But suddenly, the lithium-ion battery of the electric car caught fire.

Image: Africans Live

In an instant, Tesla was filled with smoke slowly, and the fire started entering the interior of the car from the bottom side, burning Omar Awan’s feet first. The smoke suffocated Omar Awan, and the fire burned him. Though people have gathered around the Tesla to help him, they couldn’t do much because of the car’s futuristic design features.

The family’s lawyer alleged that the futuristic design of the car killed him and that it was the design due to which the police who have arrived at the crash scene could not save Omar Awan.

All the people who have reached the crash site watched the Tesla hopelessly as it engulfed into flames burning Omar Awan inside because the retractable doors handle of the car malfunctioned.

The lawsuit filed against Tesla states that the fire completely engulfed the car and has burned Omar Awan beyond recognition because the Tesla Omar Awan was driving had inaccessible door handles, and hence, there was no way to escape the fire.

Omar Awan is 48-years-old and is a father to five children. He is an anesthesiologist.