Whitney Houston’s best friend Robyn Crawford reveals Shocking facts about the singer’s Love Life!!! Eddie Murphy Disappointed Houston and She got married to Bobby Brown despite Murphy stopping her on the Wedding Day!!!

The most awarded singer of all time, Whitney Houston was denied to marry singer, Bobby Brown.

American actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy was the one who tried to stop Whitney from doing so. In spite that the singer got hitched to Bobby. Whitney Houston’s best friend, Robyn Crawford gave voice to dead Whitney’s dating truth.

Whitney Houston and Eddie Murphy

In a book written by Crawford, named ‘A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston’, she revealed the story of what exactly happened in Whitney’s life. This week’s People magazine took out an excerpt from the book.

The excerpt mentioned a small portion of Whitney’s life journey from the singer’s perspective. It explained how she actually became a famous and iconic singer. In the memoir (as a form of a book), Crawford shared Guinness World Records holder’s confidential and cherished moments.

The singer was close to Eddie Murphy for over three long decades. Along with becoming the most famous singer of her time, she developed an infatuation for the American singer (Eddie).

Singer Whitney Houston

Singer Bobby Brown fell in love with the iconic star. It was in 1989 when he chased her hard. Even after being pursued by Brown, Whitney always chose Eddie Murphy. The writer mentioned that the singer was more interested in Eddie. However, he was difficult to be held.

It was because of the comedian, Whitney started to lose herself in this chasing game. The writer, Robyn Crawford opened up about an incident. She described a heart-breaking night’s scene. Once, Houston invited the comedian at her home for a dinner date. Eddie did not show up the entire night and she kept waiting for him.

That was the time, Whitney completely lost her interest in Eddie and decided to marry Bobby Brown in 1992. Murphy realized his mistakes and tried to stop her from getting married. But, it didn’t work out and she tied the knot with Bobby.

In 2007, the couple got split. A piece of unexpected news followed in 2012, the singer died at an age of 48.