While promoting Netflix’s “Dolemite is my Name” Eddie Murphy Confessed his old material was “IGNORANT” and stereotypical!

Eddie Murphy, a 58-year-old actor, comedian, and singer recently, admits his old material was ignorant. The comedian cringes upon his old stand-up pieces.

The legendary comedian is not afraid to cancel culture. But he does mention his 1987 comic piece is cringeworthy. He confessed this while promoting his upcoming Netflix movie ‘Dolemite is my Name.’

Eddie confronted the jokes in “Raw,” and acknowledges it to be really “a bit much.” His early stand-up material was often about gender, race, and homosexual stereotypes. He recognizes the jokes as “ignorant,” in addition to originally apologizing to the people in 1996.

Raw was released at the time of Eddie Murphy’s 80s fame, producing a gross of $50 million worldwide. It became the most financially successful stand-up special ever released in cinemas.

He was a 21-years old guy back then who failed to realize the consequences of his jokes. He also faced several public protests for joking about AIDS. He added that he was a young guy with a broken heart and acted like a fool.

The jokes went controversial. Eddie used slurs throughout the set and made jokes about women, homosexuality, and the AIDS epidemic. In 1996, he apologized for his content from the mass saying – He deeply regrets any pain all this has caused. Just like the rest of the world, he is more educated about AIDS in 1996 than in 1981. He knew how serious an issue AIDS. It isn’t funny. It’s 1996, and he is a lot smarter about AIDS now.

Murphy is currently getting an Oscar buzz for his performance in ‘Dolemite Is My Name.’ He is playing the role of Rudy Ray Moore, who was a filmmaker, rapper, musician, and comedian.

The movie ‘Dolemite is My Name’ comes out on 4th Oct this year on Netflix.