“Where’s the life jacket?”: Parenting Police attacks Carey Hart this time over a post of his 2-year-old son without a life jacket.

Carey Hart was trolled and criticised by what can assume as other parental figures for posting a picture of his 2-year-old-son without a life jacket. The father has been criticised on his post, and a user even commented it was unlawful to have a child below 18, without a life jacket on a boat.

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This kid loves Pantera 😂😂.

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The comment section below Hart’s post has several commentators debating and commenting on Hart’s capability as a father. Some users had shared instances of mishaps when kids lost their lives for not wearing a life jacket. Other have commented how Jameson, P!nk and Carey Hart’s kid was safe in his father’s arms. Some users defending the former professional freestyle motocross racer has even teased the angry parents and commentators.

This is not the first time the parents of Jameson and Willow have been called out on their parenting skills online. This has led to the singer announcing why she does not share pictures of her kids anymore. P!nk even defended fellow singer Jessica Simpson from mom-shamers online.

Carey Hart took a different course by finally commenting on a comment himself, asking the people to move on. P!nk trolled the “parenting police” on an Instagram, with captions mimicking their accusations and irrational claims.