Where is Taylor Lautner now post the Twilight movies?

Let’s have a look at what Taylor Lautner who is known for the role of Jacob Black in Twilight series is up to now a days.
What is Taylor Lautner doing now-a-days?

Taylor Daniel Lautner, the American actor who was once the heart throbe of every teenage girl since he starred as Jacob Black in the Twilight franchise is nowhere to be seen now-a-days. Eight years has been passed since the movie first was first released. The successful Twilight series gave Robert Pattinson, Kristan Stewart and Taylor Lautner gave international fame and stardom to the actors.
After Twilight series also, Taylor Lautner had acted in many other films but he was last heard of in the year 2016. So what is he upto now-a-days? He had started his career and made success in the TV show Cuckoo which he left on 2018 stating that Not All goodbyes are forever. And now he had halted his acting career and has become more focused on his personal life instead of his acting career. He is also not scheduled for any other projects in future.
Why Taylor Lautner acting career is halted?

Although Taylor’s co star, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had rose to fame after the Twilight series but he did not had the same luck and could not achieve as much stardom as them. His Abduction movie only made $US28 million against $US35 million budget. His acting was also criticised. His another film Tracers only made $US2.8 million and did not even manage to get a theatrical release.
The actor also appeared in Grown Ups 2 as a small character and The Ridiculous 6 along with Adam Sandler in which the film receive a 0 percent rating. His 2016 film titled as Run The Tide received only 11 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes alongwith various negative reviews online. In 2016 he also stated to Reuters that his career was not in priority. So it seems that he did not achieve much and have failed to shine in his acting career after the vampire franchise.