When will the next season of Ozark release? Find out all the details about Season 4


The release date of Ozark season four is something every consistent viewer and fans of the series is waiting ever since season 3 was premiered on Netflix.

Fans have already binge-watched season 3 of the crime drama series released on March 27 and available on Netflix. There is no official renewal of Ozark season 4, but the creators are confident that the streaming giant will make more episodes of the show, as it has become hugely popular.

It will be exciting to see an Ozark season for what happens to Marty Bird and his wife Wendy after the whole family is involved in the money laundering business. The fourth part of the Ozark series will be dealing with the FBI, observing the expanding family business, and how the Bird couple tackles everything.

The production of Ozark season 4 will commence as soon as Netflix re-picks the TV series via an official announcement. According to the sources, the fourth season of Ozark is already in progress, as it got an advance renewal from a telecasting giant.

Main star and executive producer of the drama series, Jason Bateman had shared some important Ozark season 4 related details of renewal and production status.

Bateman stated that Netflix usually waits for more than two weeks to get user ratings and quantity of the audience so that they can decide the future of any project. Chris Mundy is already working on how the fourth season will go once it is officially picked up. It means Bateman and Mundy are already brainstorming ideas for Ozark’s season 4 plot story, and it will be renewed soon.


The release date of Ozark season 4 could be around late 2021 or even in early 2022. The release date of the series totally depends upon how early production starts.