When Sophie Turner’s hate turned into the love of her life. Not a fan of the Jonas Brothers before meeting Joe Jonas.

By 3 months ago

Actress Sophie Turner, best known as Game of Thrones star and Joe Jonas’s wife recently revealed in Elle’s magazine that she actually hated Jonas Brothers. She started with a laugh,” My friend and I were not Jonas Brother fans”. Actually, at that time, I was a fan of someone else, revealed by Sophie Turner.

There was a Band called Busted of Jonas Brothers in the UK and they brought into the world ‘Year 3000’. Joe Turner added that the Jonas Brothers made it Massive, and busted broken. She thought that it was Jonas Brother’s fault, so she hated them. Although, fortunately, this bubble got busted and now they are the perfect couple. But this did not happen in ample seconds. We have got the complete story for you.

Earlier, they met at a bar in Camden after Joe messaged Turner to hang together. Turner who still disliked him, expected that he will show-off with security and everything. She brought all her buddies to meet him. “Because in the back of my mind I was still worried that he could be a catfish or I don’t know what”.But it not was she thought as she said, he brought a friend and they drank hard as the rest of us. Sophie added that they found a space in a corner and talked for hours and hours. They enjoyed spending time with each other.

They both fell in love with each other and announced their engagement in October 2017. They got married at a Southern France in June 2019. Sophie also opened up about ‘Build-in-girlfriends’ for Priyanka Chopra(Wife of Nick Jones) and Danielle Jones(Kevin’s Wife).

Sophie Turner said ”We are one Big family because boys are best friends”. We hope Joe and Turner’s love remains forever.