When is Season 4 Episode 6 of Rick and Morty going to air? And what twists might you get to see? We have all the answers for you! Check it out.


‘Rick and Morty’ is an animated series based on science. It is an Adult Swim show. The story revolves around a grumpy and insane scientist named Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, his grandson. Rick has invented a device or equipment through which he travels in different eras. He is always accompanied by Morty in his weird adventures. They face various difficulties there and try to discover new things. This animated show is based on ‘Take on back to the Future’.


‘Rick and Morty’ have already released its three seasons. In 2019, the first half of the Season 4, that is, 5 episodes are released. There are chances that second half will be released in the year 2020. It’s gonna be back soon.

Season 4 will be returning in 2020 according to the tweet by Rick and Morty’s official twitter handle. This picture has a caption stating, ‘You can trust us’. So, there are possibilities that it may get released soon. There is no official confirmation to the date of release.

Spencer also mentioned that the rest of the episodes of Season 4 will return soon. The team has said that it will be releasing shortly. There are chances of Episode 6 coming in the month of March.


Rick and Morty still remain the leads of the entire show. Anything can happen in the next episode. Previous episodes were full of adventure and drama. Rick died and born again several times. We can get to see more dragons and fights in the upcoming episodes.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Episode 6 of Season 4. They all expect to have an interesting second half of the show. However, no news is still provided for the same.