When is Peaky Blinders season 6 coming on Netflix? Check out the release date, cast, plot and more about the upcoming latest season.

Created by Steven Knight, Peaky Blinder a very popular British period Crime drama. The story is set in Brimingham after the first world war and shows the story of the crimes by Shelby crime family.
Steven Knight had confirmed that the story will require a total of 7 seasons to complete. Now that’s a good news for fans.

When is season 6 coming out
The director of the show Anthony Bryne had told in a podcast with obsessed that season 6 will most probably be out in early 2021.
Metro has confirmed that the shooting hasn’t started till now.

Steven Knight has finished writing season 6 and he stated that it is the best yet.
Steven Knight spoke at the national television awards that the threat of war will cover everything that is to happen in season 6.

The storyline will move forward to the 30s and the world war 2 will be on the horizon. It will focus on fascism, nationalism and racism in the 30s. The situation is going to be even worse and Tommy will be right in the centre of it. Will it be the end of his campaign to bring down fascist leader Oswald Mosley. How will Arthur react after the loss of Linda. Will Finn reveal the details about the plan of assassinating Oswald Mosley. The season will be a tragedy.

Not a lot of details are available about the cast as of now, however Sam Claffin along with other regulars are expected to return.
MailOnline posted some pictures in November revealing that Cilian Murphy will be back in the role of Tommy Shelby. There’s also a chance that Tom Hardy will also return.
Regarding the location, most of the shooting will be done in Manchester.

So that’s it. We have to wait for one more year at least to enjoy season 6.