When is Black Mirror season 6 coming on Netflix? Read further to know the details.

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Can fans expect another Black Mirror full length season? Is there another Black Mirror: Bandersnatch under process?

The makers of the show Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’  science fiction anthology  series Black Mirror released its fifth season back  in June 2019, and once again the fans is left to wonder if there will be more of the acclaimed dystopian storytelling.

Bandersnatch was a single episode released at the end of 2018 which took the viewers by shock and surprise at the same time, and showed us the lengths of the Black Mirror rabbit hole. Is there another Black Mirror project underway? Or will it be a full length season 6?

Down below is everything you need to know!

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Has the critically acclaimed show been renewed for a sixth season?

Not officialy, but given the fact how successful the show in the ratings department ever since Bandersnatch came out we’d be really shocked if Netflix didn’t sign Brooker and Jones up for a new season

When is it coming out?

AS of now we do not if the show is getting renewed or not, there seems to be a bit of a wait until season 6 drops.

The production process of Bandersnatch was a little complicated as it further delayed the release of the fifth season by around six months: so don’t be taken aback if you do have to wait until the end of 2020 for more Black Mirror.


Since the show has not yet been renewed yet, no cast details for season six has officially been revealed. There is a lot of English talent in the show like Andrew Scott but since it is an anthology series so expecting previous cast members is quite silly.

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