When a Happy occasion turned into a Tragedy!!! 56 years old Grandmother dies at Gender Reveal Party!!!

A 56-years old grandmother dies at a gender reveal party this month. Read on to know the story behind the tragedy.

A soon-to-be grandmother died in the gender reveal eve

The news shocked people that a Lowa grandmother Pramel Kreimeyer died at a gender reveal party this month because a piece of debris stuck in the head of the 56-year-old.
The soon-to-be grandmother and her family got together to reveal an upcoming baby gender. But the event was ended up with a dangerous tragedy. A beautiful woman, a wife, a mother, and soon to be a grandmother is killed by a piece of metal, gunpowder, and colored powder were also involved.

Jenna Karvunidis, who popularized gender reveal parties in 2008 expressed regret after hearing about this dangerous scene that happened on the gender reveal party. But she also continued saying that, Gun firing, forest fires, and even more emphasis on gender revealing parties are not necessary.

What happened that day?

The family members and a few other people revealed that the exact scenario happened that day. The Sherrif said that gunpowder was placed in a stand with a metal base plate, which had a hole for a fuse. A piece of wood was put on top of the gunpowder, and the colored powder was on top of the wood.

“Tape was then wrapped over the top of the metal tubing, inadvertently creating a pipe bomb.” “Instead of the gunpowder shooting the powder out the top of the stand, the stand exploded sending metal pieces flying.”

Though, the happened incident is still under investigation but have not made any arrests.