WhatsApp launched a call waiting feature and it looks like it can bring revolution in VOIP domain!!

WhatsApp us on the social platform with a new feature. This new version of WhatsApp 2.19.352 us beneficial to all WhatsApp users. It actually lets users while already on a WhatsApp call to see and know of another incoming call. Earlier it was not possible to know of another call while having another call. It would actually reject the incoming call. But now it changed. It lets the users know about the incoming call while they are still on a call.

But this feature is not exactly like that of a usual phone where you can put the call on hold. Here, in this new version, you cannot hold your old call and take the new incoming call. Actually, it is all about choosing something. Either choose to talk and carry on with the old call or just cut the old call and take the incoming call.

The new version does not have the option to hold the call yet. It is just about letting the user know about another incoming call while they are on another call. It does not reject it like the earlier version. Now, the user can either answer or reject the call.

This is a pretty cool version as it lets the users take WhatsApp to another level and a good feature. Also, along with this call waiting feature, there is another feature too. It fixes the problem of battery drainage. There were people who claimed that their battery charge was going down. So the WhatsApp owners think that with this new version, the problem of battery drainage will probably change.

Also, users can add a fingerprint to unlock their WhatsApp for their privacy. Pretty much, it is simple. Just have to go to the settings and privacy, and then the fingerprint option will be seen.

So with this new version that comes with a lot of features is actually good for WhatsApp users.