What’s Joey Barton’s Troubled Past? From Anger Issues to Sexist Rants, Find Out Here!

What is wrong with Joey Barton? Inside dark past from anger issues to sexist rants

Joey Barton, the former professional footballer, has been no stranger to controversy throughout his career. From anger issues to sexist rants, Barton’s behavior has often raised eyebrows and sparked debates. In this article, we delve into the dark past of Joey Barton, exploring his troubled history and the consequences of his actions.

1. Early Life and Football Career

Joey Barton was born on September 2, 1982, in Huyton, England. He began his football career at Manchester City, where he played as a midfielder. Despite showing promise on the field, Barton’s off-field behavior started to draw attention.

1.1 Anger Issues and Violent Incidents

Barton’s anger issues became evident throughout his career. He was involved in numerous violent incidents, both on and off the pitch. These incidents included physical altercations with fellow players, referees, and even teammates.

1.1.1 Clash with Ousmane Dabo

One of the most notorious incidents involving Barton was his altercation with teammate Ousmane Dabo during a training session at Manchester City. Barton attacked Dabo, resulting in the latter suffering severe facial injuries. This incident led to Barton facing criminal charges and a subsequent prison sentence.

1.2 Substance Abuse and Legal Troubles

In addition to his anger issues, Barton struggled with substance abuse throughout his career. He faced legal troubles for various offenses, including assault, criminal damage, and even a charge related to his gambling habits.

2. Sexist Rants and Controversial Remarks

Barton’s behavior wasn’t restricted to physical violence and substance abuse. He also gained notoriety for his sexist rants and controversial remarks, particularly targeting women in sports and the media.

2.1 Disparaging Comments About Women in Football

Barton’s comments about women in football have been widely criticized for their sexist nature. He has frequently belittled female players, commentators, and pundits, questioning their knowledge and authority in discussing men’s football.

2.1.1 Attacks on Mary Earps and Alex Scott

Barton’s recent rant targeted England goalkeeper Mary Earps, where he called her “a big sack of spuds” and claimed she undeservingly won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. He also singled out England legend Alex Scott for criticism, further fueling the controversy.

2.2 Promotion of Sexist Agenda on Social Media

Barton’s sexist remarks extend beyond public appearances. He has used social media as a platform to promote his sexist agenda, often provoking and insulting fans who oppose his views. This behavior has further tarnished his reputation.

3. Consequences and Impact

Barton’s actions have had significant consequences for his career and public image.

3.1 Professional Bans and Frustrated Job Prospects

As a result of his behavior, Barton has faced multiple professional bans. These bans have limited his playing opportunities and hindered his chances of securing coaching or punditry roles. Many clubs have been reluctant to associate themselves with his controversial reputation.

3.2 Backlash and Criticism

Barton’s actions have sparked widespread backlash and criticism from fans, fellow players, and the media. Many have condemned his behavior as unacceptable and damaging to the reputation of the sport.


Joey Barton’s dark past of anger issues and sexist rants has left a lasting impact on his career and public perception. His violent incidents, substance abuse, and controversial remarks have marred his reputation as a footballer. The consequences of his actions continue to shape his professional prospects and serve as a stark reminder of the importance of respect and equality within the sporting world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Joey Barton faced any legal consequences for his actions?

Yes, Barton has faced legal consequences for various offenses, including assault and criminal damage.

2. Are there any clubs willing to hire Joey Barton despite his controversial behavior?

Many clubs have been hesitant to associate themselves with Barton due to his controversial reputation, making it difficult for him to secure playing, coaching, or punditry roles.

3. How has Joey Barton’s behavior affected his public image?

Barton’s behavior has sparked backlash and criticism, leading to a tarnished public image. His remarks and actions have been condemned as sexist and damaging to the sport.

4. Has Joey Barton shown any signs of remorse or attempts at redemption?

Barton’s behavior has not shown significant signs of remorse or attempts at redemption. His continued promotion of his sexist agenda on social media has further exacerbated the controversy surrounding his actions.

5. Is Joey Barton currently involved in any professional football-related activities?

Barton has been out of work since being sacked by Bristol Rovers in October and has struggled to find new opportunities in the football industry.