What will Vikings season 6 contain? Is it the final season of the historical drama? Will Ubbe and Kjetill face further conflict? Check the plot, cast and every detail you want to know.

With five successful seasons being delivered to the viewers, we are currently in the sixth season, which released a couple of months ago.

The arrival of the sixth season has brought a conclusion to the epic adaptation of the sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok. Before the arrival of the sixth season, in the month of October, Alexander Ludwig used to tease new episodes on Instagram, saying that it is a banger.

Vikings season 6 plot

The season 6 has featured a lot more of Ivar. There were a lot of rumors about the show, one being that Marlo Islo’s Hvitserk to meet a sticky end to a surprise return Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar Lothbrok.

Vikings season 6 release date

The sixth season featured on the History Channel in the United States on the 4th of December, which implies it landed on Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom the day after, on Thursday the 5th, and every Thursday from then on.

Vikings season 6 renewal

History made a two-season announcement in the month of September 2017, asking for 20 new episodes of the series,  which follow the second half os the fifth season aired late in the year 2018. The sixth season, as per the sources, will be the penultimate season of the Vikings series. One can say that there’s already a spin-off series in development!

What makes the sixth season more special is the direction by the star Katheryn Winnick in an episode. This was her first time behind the cameras.

Vikings season 6 cast

In Vikings season six, it was expected that Russian superstar Danila Kozlovsky would make a return to the series. The lead role features him as Oleg the Prophet who is a 10th-century Varangian prince according to Deadline reports.

Eric Johnson played the role of a formidable warrior who is an outlaw living on his wits and martial skills.