What will “Forever 21” do about whopping $10 million demand by “Ariana Grande”? Will she settle for anything less?

Forever 21 is getting sued by Ariana Grande for a whopping $10 million allegedly for the damages that the brand caused to her. Forever 21 has used the likeness of Ariana Grande in a campaign on social media which was designed to suggest the viewing people that there is a collaboration between the pop star and the American fashion retailer.

Ariana Grande’s lawsuit states that when the fashion retailer, Forever 21, has reached out to her for partnership, she allegedly declined the offer. This offer was made by Forever 21 back in late 2018, and Ariana Grande declined in the very same period it was offered.

What will "Forever 21" do about whopping $10 million demand by "Ariana Grande"? Will she settle for anything less? 3

Lawyers from Ariana Grande’s side argue that Forever 21 has plagiarized the image of Ariana Grande from the video of her hit single “7 Rings” released earlier this year. The lawyers allege that Forever 21 has used this plagiarized image for the sake of an advertising campaign.

Although Forever 21 disputes the allegations thrown at it but said that it would not comment anything for now about the pending litigation.
The recent post of Forever 21 on its official Instagram account, a model who is a lookalike of Grande and was wearing Ariana Grande’s signature look, the high ponytail. The model was also seen wearing the accessories that comprise of sparkly tassels along with pink puffballs just the way Ariana Grande looked in the video of “7 Rings”. The caption of this image read out as “Gee thanks, just bought it!”, lyrics from Ariana Grande’s hit single.

Ariana Grande’s lawsuit declared that the resemblances were uncanny and claimed that the intention of Forever 21 was to make people believe that Ariana Grande endorsed the products of Forever 21 and was indeed affiliated to the American fashion brand. The lawsuit also included that Forever 21 has included pictures of Ariana Grande from her other videos such as Thank U and Next.