What We Do In Shadows Season 2 latest updates: Release Date, New Cast, Trailer And Other Things Known So Far.

“What We Do In The Shadow” is an American comedy horror series. The series is being directed by Jemaine Clement. clement recreated his film “what we do in the shadow”(2014) on which this series is based. the plot revolves around four vampires who live in an apartment in New York City.

What’s Buzzing About The Show

The series is hosted by FX. It is the second television series in the franchise following wellington’s paranormal In May 2019, FX renewed the series for a 10-episode second season to debut on April 15, 2020.

Though the cast has not been officially announced, it’s expected that series will stick to its existing vampires  Nandor (Kayvan Novak), Laszlo (Matt Berry), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), and Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch). Of course, they need their familiar Guillermo (Harvey Guillen) as well.


the first show was critically acclaimed and was heartily received. the show was rated 94% on rotten tomatoes and 8.4/10 by IMDb. though the concept was a bit bygone the show pulls through and keep up the mark of a splendid film on which it is based. the season 1 had a concept of a council which featured clement waititi and Jonny Brugh who were part for root movie. besides them, there were many more legends who shared screen. turning it into a surprise element. When asked if the Vampire Council will return in season 2, Clement told Rotten Tomatoes, “There’s a little more Council stuff, but in a different way.”

Executive producer Paul Simms dropped a hint. Regarding the expansion of show and idea. he said that the world expands. And so will the show but, he assured that it would be more of the four and may have a different role of council.