What was the real reason behind Johnny Depp’s divorce with Amber Heard? Check out latest updates.

Johnny Depp and Amber who got married in 2015 had filed a divorce in 2017 and got separated after that. The two don’t live together anymore and are not in as good terms anymore. The reason for their divorce came out to be domestic violence that the two were blaming each other for. No one knew who was speaking the truth until a funny event got unraveled in the future at a court jury.


What was revealed in the court?


The court got a verdict that was more funny than redundant. The fact that Johnny Depp was upset with Amber was after they celebrated Amber’s birthday party and at night when the two had slept and woke up the following morning, there was a piece of human feces on the bed that Depp saw and raged at his wife as he first thought it was a dog’s poop, however, later realized that it was a prank placed by Amber’s friends that agitated Johnny more than they had imagined it to be.


After that event, the media got flooded with the statement that his wife made and the media houses started calling Johnny as ‘a domestic violence perpetrator’ as Amber had confessed that he used to indulge in domestic violence with her.


That statement was later clarified by the cops who went outside their house and heard some noise of screaming coming out of their place. It seemed like Johnny had thrown a phone at Amber’s face and the scene got to the media where they started calling Johnny as the perpetrator of domestic violence as he had beaten his wife and would repeatedly do the same.


The divorce that took place brought the inner side of the famous actor and made him face the biggest backlash of his life to date that could have even coted him in his profession due to the bad image that he got in his name.