What!!! Madonna, 61 is seriously looking forward to her relationship with a ’25-years-old’.

Madonna may be a polarizing figure. She’s also a music legend. Sometimes, she says extraordinarily problematic stuff. Now, her new partner has been revealed. He’s one amongst her backup dancers, their romance is getting serious, and he’s too young for her.

The rumors concerning Madonna and Ahlamalik Williams didn’t grow out of obscurity. It was in the air for months. Earlier in December, Madonna and Ahlamalik were photographed together but not on stage.

Drue Williams, Ahlamalik’s father, confirmed his son’s exceeding relationship with Madonna. Not solely square measure they associate degree item, however, Madonna has met Ahlamalik’s family. Things are becoming serious between them, Drue shares. According to him, 61-year-old Madonna and the 25-year-old dancer are dating for over a year.

But they met years earlier. In 2015, Ahlamalik auditioned to be one amongst the dancers on Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour, and she selected him to affix up. That was the tour within which she infamously exposed underage fan girl’s breasts on stage in Australia.

Drue says that in September, Madonna invited Ahlamalik’s family to check one amongst her show’s in Vegas. After that her personal cook hard-baked all of them a meal and they had dinner together.

According to Drue’s account, Madonna told the family that she loves Ahlamalik flatly and expressed a will to care for him. Madonna could also be thirty-six years older than the 25-year-old dancer, but Drue doesn’t sound involved concerning the age gap.

But clearly, Drue is simply happy to check Ahlamalik living his best life. Let’s be clear — Madonna resides the dream, and it feels like Ahlamalik is enjoying himself too. This sounds serious, in an exceedingly great way. When folks square measure involved concerning huge age gaps in celebrity romances, it’s typically concerning the ability dynamic.