What Led To The Sudden Delay Of BBC Popular Show Taboo Season 2? Read to know all latest details.

Fans were elated when BBC officially announced that Tom Hardy’s popular 19th-century caper Taboo would be coming back for a second season. However, it seems like the wait is going to be longer than expected.

Taboo Season 2: Plot, Release Fate And Possible Delay Of The New Season!

The renewal of the show became somewhat inevitable when BBC director of content Charlotte Moore described the first season as a phenomenal success with an overwhelming response from fans. However the second season is nowhere in sight and fans are worried about it.

However, the second season is getting delayed with every passing year. This might be because of the creator of the show being busy with other projects at this point. Steven Knight is the brains behind popular show Peaky Blinders which is running for quite a season now.

What Led To Such A Prolonged Wait Of The Show’s Season 2?

Moreover, the creator is also bust with other projects which he wrote and directed Serenity. It is a thriller starring actors Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. Apart from all these he also created See which is a post-apocalyptic drama for Apple TV+, starring Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard. So the creator has a lot going on at this point which might have added on to the delay of season 2.

There was however a new update where Knight stated that the writing for season 2 is almost completed. Although the filming might not start until 2020. So the wait is going to be longer than expected. Now with the recent turn of event, the filming will get delayed even further. With the season getting delayed further, anything else is difficult to predict for the time being.