What is wrong with these girls!?’ Love Island fans are left BAFFLED by ‘perfect’ Luke M’s inability to find romance… as viewers claim producers are ‘trying to ruin his time in the villa’

Love Island star Luke has endured a string of failures since entering the villa – much to supporters and admirers indicting.

Taking to Twitter during Tuesday night’s show, supporters were left bewildered at the misdeed of the heating engineer, after his prospects with Demi were flung into question when she was surrounded for a date by newbie Jamie.

Many spectators urged producers to let them into the villa to couple up with the hunk, while others alleged show bosses were set on depleting his time in the villa.

Luke’s numerous romances have been curbed; after he was coupled with Jess, her head was passed by Mike, making him single during Casa Amor. What is wrong with these girls!?' Love Island fans are left BAFFLED by 'perfect' Luke M's inability to find romance... as viewers claim producers are 'trying to ruin his time in the villa' 3


He then absorbed up with Natalia; however when they recurred to the villa, she urged she had ‘zero sexual attraction’ to the hunk, prominently to their split.

After sharing a smooch with Demi, she was sent on a date with Jamie, and while they smooched again, she did grant she was considering her options open.

Demi’s move – and producers’ boldness to mix things up for the star implied to rile supporters who flooded Twitter with the annoy.

‘Let’s give Luke M the winners token now just for being a well being an all-around person.’

Supporters then pummeled out at producers’ regimen of the star, saying: ‘@LoveIsland #loveisland #lukeM… Can Luke m just clamp a break previously he’s such a nice guy what the hell is wrong with them girls @LoveIsland…

‘luke m if you’re reviewing this I’ll pick you up from the airport as soon as you’re back in London cheer luke m we’re made for each other #loveisland… Luke M is too kind for Love Island tbh…

‘Actively what the hell is wrong with the girls in the @LoveIsland villa… I know a portion of girls like ‘bad boys,’ but #LukeM is splendid in every way, he’s nice, he can chef oh an I for one wouldn’t mind rising up to this every morning.’