What is Chris Rock’s latest movie ‘Saw Reboot’ all about? Is it worth the hype? Here’s everything you want to know about the latest haunting movie on the cards.

Ever Imagined, your head under a chainsaw with shackles all around the body and only 5 minutes you have to save yourself, Will you be able to save yourself?

I think right now, you don’t know the answer and that’s okay because you have plenty of time and if you want some help, then here’s a movie which is going to give you a little more backup for the question.

“Spiral: From the Book of Saw”, The latest instalment for the “Saw” Franchise’s trailer has come out and Chris Rock as Detective, where he chases down a bunch of hooligans who are working as “Spiral” and killing people at a rate which is simply too much.

And, It seems we also have Samuel Jackson as a cast member whose role hasn’t revealed yet, As it seems all these people are ready to chase the “Spiral” to stop the brutal massacre of the people who are becoming their victim.

The trailer also gave out a lot of insight on some classic “Saw” scenes like the one where Chris was left with a cutting tool while his hand is cuffed. Chris is also the Executive producer for the same and it seems that this time there is going to be no comedy.

Only mysteries, brutality and victims screaming, bleeding and tortured under vicious circumstances and as being under the influence of machines which are designed to kill people. So, A lot of blood is going to spill this year.

As the “Saw” is quite a hit franchise as the movies always do good business on box office. It’s quite a long time as the last movie from the “Saw” franchise was in 2017. The movie is going to hit the theaters on May. 15 so until then watch the other “Saw” parts if you haven’t watched any.