What is Brandy’s song ‘Bye BiPolar’ really about? Her new album B7 has become the talk of the town!

After the arrival of her new album ‘B7’, Brandy Norwood started drifting on social media with a few of the album’s tracks getting a ton of commendation. One specific track ‘Bye BiPolar’ is getting a great deal of adoration yet its importance has been marginally confused. ‘B7’ marks a superb rebound for Norwood, who is better known by her mononym Brandy, as the album is her first significant undertaking in quite a while.

Fans possess genuinely hung tight along with energy for another studio album, or even a solitary discharge, after her 6th studio album ‘Two Eleven’ discharged in 2012.


In spite of the fact that Brandy clarified her track and the utilization of the word bipolar is an analogy for her affection life, the vocalist thinks about doing combating emotional well-being issues and has a couple of things she needs others to think about the battle too. As indicated by Its media Lodge, Brandy has clarified that the track and utilization of the word bipolar is an analogy for her adoration life. Prior to jumping further, consider the accompanying verses:

“Bye-bye bye bipolar. I don’t really want no more disorder / Pretty boy in love got both shoulders colder / Cuz you strung me like the thread I was damn near dead / And you f**ked with my head like lead, Russian roulette / And I cried and cried and cried and cried and cried / Died and died and died and died alive / Lied and lied and lied / And now I’m high as a kite / Soar”


In the verses, it is clear there are two gatherings included. As opposed to a reflective look with the bipolar issue itself as her foe, the melody is progressing from assuming the fault with her psychological battles into being liberated from it and acknowledging everything originated from the treatment of her “pretty boy” accomplice. It is passionate without a doubt, yet the “soar” toward the end connotes her brain presently hovers over her past mental tribulations.