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What If We Told You That Kate Winslet Was Supposed To Star Alongside Someone Else On Titanic!

James Cameron’s iconic classic movie Titanic went on to become one of the biggest box office success, along with bagging several awards. The movie has etched its name in the list of Hollywood classics, and what if we told you that one of our iconic actors also auditioned for the role of Jack!

Matthew McConaughey Admitted That He Auditioned For The All Time Classic Movie, Titanic!

Get ready to be surprised as actor Matthew McConaughey has made a shocking revelation by admitting he auditioned for the time of Jack and got rejected! The star further added by saying he auditioned with Kate Winslet and was pretty confident about it. He felt by the time he left the studio but did not get the role!

While the actor did a good audition, James Cameron went on to cast Leonardo DiCaprio and the world got to witness one of the most romantic reel life couples of all times. However, it would have been interesting to see Mathew McConaughey playing the role of Jack!

Fans Could Only Imagine Matthew McConaughey As Jack!

However, surprisingly it is not the only movie that Mathew was also going to be a part of, the actor admitted that he turned down a role in L.A Confidential. The actor had to eventually turn down the movie as he wanted to explore out on what he could do to try to get some work that is gonna rival the excitement!

While Mathew McConaughey missed the chance and so did all the fans to see his boyish charms and playing Jack, it all worked out in the end and we got to see the iconic star in more romantic movies.

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