What Happens Later Review: Meg Ryan Returns to Rom-Coms in a Heartwarming Meet-Cute Resurgence!



What Happens Later Review: Meg Ryan Revisits the Meet-Cute

Welcome to my review of the highly anticipated romantic comedy “What Happens Later,” directed by Meg Ryan. Join me as we dive into this charming film that promises to take us on a nostalgic journey through the meet-cute moments of love and laughter. In this review, we’ll explore the plot, performances, and overall impact of the movie.

The Return of Meg Ryan: A Directorial Debut

Meg Ryan, known for her iconic roles in romantic comedies such as “When Harry Met Sally” and “You’ve Got Mail,” makes her directorial debut with “What Happens Later.” Ryan’s exceptional talent for capturing the essence of love and weaving it into captivating stories is on full display in this film. As a fan of her previous work, I was excited to see her return to the genre that made us all fall in love with her.

A Star-Studded Cast

Not only is Meg Ryan behind the camera, but she also takes on the lead role in “What Happens Later.” Joining her is the talented David Duchovny, who brings his charisma and charm to the screen. This dynamic duo delivers powerful performances that breathe life into their respective characters, creating a captivating on-screen chemistry.

An Evolved and Nostalgic Take on Rom-Com

“What Happens Later” is based on the play “Shooting Star” by Steven Dietz, and Ryan has masterfully adapted it into a romantic comedy that transcends time. The story revolves around Willa (played by Ryan) and Bill (played by Duchovny), two former lovers who unexpectedly reunite during an overnight stay at an airport. The narrative explores themes of love, second chances, and the importance of embracing the present moment.

The Magic of Meet-Cutes

What Happens Later Review: Meg Ryan Returns to Rom-Coms in a Heartwarming Meet-Cute Resurgence! 5
In this film, Ryan embarks on a nostalgic journey through the meet-cute moments that define romantic comedies. These moments, where two characters meet under unusual or extraordinary circumstances, have become iconic in the genre. “What Happens Later” beautifully captures the essence of these magical encounters, whisking the audience away into a world of possibility and romantic sparks.

A Dose of Realism and Emotional Depth

While “What Happens Later” pays homage to the classic elements of rom-coms, it also injects a dose of realism and emotional depth. Ryan skillfully explores the complexities of relationships and the challenges faced by her characters. Willa’s fierce independence and Bill’s struggle to reconcile his past are elements that ground the film in a relatable reality. This blend of nostalgia and emotional depth creates a unique and engaging viewing experience.

The Legacy of Meg Ryan and the Rom-Com Genre

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In her collaborations with the late director/screenwriter Nora Ephron, Meg Ryan helped shape the golden era of romantic comedies. Films like “When Harry Met Sally,” “You’ve Got Mail,” and “Sleepless in Seattle” captured the hearts of audiences worldwide and set the bar high for the genre. In “What Happens Later,” Ryan continues to honor this legacy by infusing the film with the same magic and charm that defined her earlier works.

A Revival of the Rom-Com Genre

The rom-com genre has faced some dark days in recent years, with many dismissing it as shallow and predictable. However, “What Happens Later” is part of a larger movement spearheaded by Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and other iconic actresses. These talented individuals are reviving the genre and proving that romantic comedies can be intelligent, heartfelt, and relevant to modern audiences.

Release and Reception

“What Happens Later” has been acquired by Bleecker Street and will be showcased at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. While a theatrical release date is set for 2023, fans can rejoice as Meg Ryan’s classic rom-com “When Harry Met Sally” is currently available on Netflix, offering a taste of the magic to come.


“What Happens Later” is a delightful reminder of the power of love and the joy of meet-cute moments. Meg Ryan’s directorial debut captivates with its warmth, authenticity, and homage to the golden era of romantic comedies. With a stellar cast, a compelling storyline, and the perfect blend of nostalgia and realism, this film is a must-watch for any fan of the genre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
1. When will “What Happens Later” be released in theaters? The film is currently slated for a 2023 theatrical release.
2. Who else is involved in the cast of “What Happens Later”? David Duchovny joins Meg Ryan in the lead roles.
3. Can you provide more details about the plot of the film? The story follows two former lovers who reunite during an overnight stay at an airport, exploring themes of love, second chances, and embracing the present moment.
4. What makes “What Happens Later” stand out in the rom-com genre? The film combines nostalgic elements with realism and emotional depth, offering a unique viewing experience.
5. Is there any other Meg Ryan film that fans can watch while waiting for the release of “What Happens Later”? Absolutely! Fans can revisit the classic rom-com “When Harry Met Sally,” which is currently streaming on Netflix.