What Happens Later: Meg Ryan’s Surprising Revelation about Being a ‘Good, Famous Person’

What Happens Later: Meg Ryan Says She’s Not a ‘Good, Famous Person’

Meg Ryan recently opened up about her experiences as a celebrity and her return to the rom-com genre in her latest film, “What Happens Later.” In a candid interview, Ryan shared her thoughts on fame, the challenges it posed, and her personal journey to rediscovering her passion for acting. Let’s delve into the details and explore what Ryan had to say.

1. Meg Ryan’s Reflection on Being a Celebrity

Ryan candidly admitted that she doesn’t consider herself to be a ‘good famous person.’ She described feeling a sense of seclusion and being enclosed in a bubble, where the outside world felt distant and inaccessible.

1.1 Feeling Roped Off

According to Ryan, the intense seclusion that comes with fame can make a person feel ‘roped off’ and lead to limitations in their personal and creative life. This seclusion prompted her to make changes in her personal life by moving away from Los Angeles.

2. Taking a Step Back from the Limelight

Having achieved tremendous success in the romantic comedy genre during the ’90s, Ryan decided to take a hiatus from the spotlight. She limited the number of roles she took on and focused on other aspects of her life.

2.1 A Burnout and Limited Experiences

Ryan explained that she experienced burnout and felt disconnected from herself and the world. She recognized that while fame has its advantages, there are also fundamental disadvantages that can hinder personal growth and curiosity.

3. Rediscovering Her Passion

During her time away from the big screen, Ryan prioritized her children and shifted her focus to them. However, the acting bug eventually resurfaced, prompting her to make a comeback in the rom-com industry.

3.1 A New Film: “What Happens Later”

In May 2022, Ryan announced her return to the rom-com genre with her upcoming film, “What Happens Later.” She not only stars in the film but also co-wrote and directed it. The story revolves around two college sweethearts who reunite decades after their breakup when they find themselves stuck together in a snowed-in airport.

3.1.1 Subverting Rom-Com Tropes

While “What Happens Later” is being billed as Ryan’s return to the genre, the film subverts traditional rom-com tropes. It explores the bittersweet aspects of love, delving into the pain of lingering heartbreak and the complexities of human connections.

4. Ryan’s Perspective on Love and Relationships

The themes of love and relationships play a significant role in Ryan’s film. She shares her insights on the universal nature of love and the complexities that come with it.

4.1 Unraveling the Mystery of Breakups

Ryan acknowledges that breakups can be confusing and that people often struggle to understand the reasons behind them. She believes that everyone has experienced breakups that they couldn’t fully comprehend, leaving them in a state of uncertainty.

4.1.1 The Different Versions of a Breakup

In “What Happens Later,” Ryan explores the different narratives that surround breakups. There’s the story that individuals tell each other, the one they share with friends, and the elusive truth that lies beneath the surface.

5. Embracing the Journey

Ryan considers herself a student of romance and relationships. She approaches her work with a sense of curiosity and a desire to understand the complexities of human connection.

5.1 An Evolving Perspective on Love

As a writer and director, Ryan taps into her own experiences and observations to create authentic stories about love. She sees herself as a conduit, open to the world’s experiences, and believes that everything, both personal and universal, can be sources of inspiration.


Meg Ryan’s upcoming film, “What Happens Later,” marks her return to the rom-com genre. With its subversion of traditional tropes and exploration of love’s complexities, it promises to be a thought-provoking and relatable story. Ryan’s candid reflections on fame and her personal journey add depth to her portrayal of relationships onscreen.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: When is “What Happens Later” releasing?

A1: “What Happens Later” is set to premiere in theaters on Friday, November 3.

Q2: How did Meg Ryan rediscover her passion for acting after her hiatus?

A2: During her time away from the limelight, Ryan focused on her children. However, the desire to act resurfaced, leading her to make a comeback in the rom-com genre with her film, “What Happens Later.”

Q3: What makes “What Happens Later” different from traditional romantic comedies?

A3: “What Happens Later” subverts rom-com tropes and delves into the complexities of love and heartbreak. It offers a more nuanced and bittersweet perspective on romantic relationships.

Q4: How did Meg Ryan approach the writing process for “What Happens Later”?

A4: Ryan drew from her own experiences and observations to create an authentic and relatable story. She sees herself as a student of romance and relationships and believes that personal and universal experiences can inspire creative work.

Q5: Why did Meg Ryan refer to herself as not a ‘good famous person’?

A5: Ryan expressed feeling a sense of seclusion and disconnection from the outside world during her time in the spotlight. She believes that her experiences as a celebrity limited her in certain ways, particularly as an artist and in leading a fulfilling life.