What are the dinosaurs actually up to in Palm Springs?? Check out all latest updates on the Hulu movie.

The corona virus pandemic has lead to a halt on all the summer movies. However, the audience do not need to get upset. We do have the Palm Springs. Two lead characters of the show are Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti. Although it will not be able to compensate for all the movies that we have missed this summer, but at least we will get a little entertainment.


It is a romantic comedy showing a special bond between Sarah and Nyles. And the most exciting part of their relationship is shown after almost half of the film gets over. At the time they began breaking through the cynicism of their condition, they get to see a few dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were moving around the deserted place.

The scene is completely shocking for the couple. Both of them are wondering about how is this possible and how they saw them. However, the mystery gets solved later on. And the most interesting part is that neither of the two say a single word about the dinosaurs they looked at.


But while the show gets towards the conclusion Nyles finally mentions that he saw palm springs, by which he meant the dinosaurs. And there are possibilities of it being just a hallucination.

And now you must be wondering that why did dinosaurs come in hallucination? Well, near the palm Springs desert there’s a park with sculptures of large dinosaurs, so this could happen. There’s also one brontosaurus called Dinny. It looks quite similar to the one seen by Sarah and Nyles.


Well, the dinosaurs could be real even. At the time they saw those dinosaurs, they were out camping. And the place where they were was near a magical cave. There are lot of complicated and mysterious things. But you’ll be able to get it when you watch.