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‘Westworld’ Season 4 Is Officially In The Works!!! Latest Details and SPOILERS!!!

This article contains spoilers for Westworld season 3!!!

As we’ve watched Dolores Abernathy complete her development from honest Little House on the Prairie manikin to Blade Runner–styled legend denounced any and all authority, we’ve gradually started to comprehend her endgame. What’s more, amazingly, it’s not global control: She needs an opportunity for hosts and people the same.

'Westworld' Season 4 Is Officially In The Works!!! Latest Details and SPOILERS!!!

Yet, things took a brutal turn (as they generally do) in the Westworld season 3 finale. Both Dolores and the Man In Black were left for dead, Rehoboam and its maker were vanquished, Bernard found he’d held “the key” to the Sublime inside him from the beginning, and Charlotte/Dolores turned on a dim piece of herself. Gracious, and the world is diving into tumult … so another one can have its spot. Full breaths, everybody.

There are still a lot of inquiries remaining: What did Bernard find in the Sublime? Is Dolores truly dead? Is Charlotte constructing a military? Thus, similar to what the show has shown us, we’re planning ahead. This is what we think about Westworld Season 4.


After the season 3 finale, Joy, Nolan and finale co-author Denise Thé talked with The Hollywood Reporter about what’s next for HBO’s success. They prodded another “kind” for season 4, one with an alternate topic and an alternate vibe.

“We believed we had an open greeting to mess about, particularly at this time where TV is rehashing itself continually, to have a show that reevaluates itself significantly more than one season,” Nolan said. “…So that next season will feel unique and particular in kind from the past seasons? Truly, that is totally essential for the construction of the show.”

'Westworld' Season 4 Is Officially In The Works!!! Latest Details and SPOILERS!!!


Dolores is truly dead, Thé told THR. “We saw Dolores die. We saw every last bit of her recollections agonizingly erased…I do believe it’s the opportune chance to bid farewell to this Dolores.”

Yet, notice the catchphrase there: “this.” Westworld is known for bringing back dearest characters in various structures, so there’s a huge possibility we will see some rendition of Dolores once more—quite possibly not the weapon-carrying grassland occupant we initially met in season 1.

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