Westworld season 4: Are Aaron Paul and Tessa Thompson really coming back? And will Dolores never return? Check out all latest updates.

The season of the most-awaited series, Westworld season 4 will be taking some time before it releases. Fans have eagerly awaited the season due to the hype that was created due to the first 3 seasons that have rendered the viewers a great impression about the series.


Their doubts regarding the release of the 4th season are justified by the hype that was created among the fans after the first three seasons. First released in 2016, the series has gained a wide range of audiences and has a huge fanbase in such a short period. Hoping the upcoming season carries the same expectations forward, the series is expected to rise as per the pattern that is seen in the audience’s take on the series.


So when will the 4th season get released?

The 4th season will have to satisfy the audiences who were already excited about the series due to the previous season’s success at gathering audiences. The question remains in the minds of fans regarding its release. Considering the requirements of the season, chances are the season releases after 2022 due to the immense animation and other factors that need to be taken into account.


What will be the changes, if any to the cast of the series?

The 4th season is not expected to bring as many changes as there were rumors about. The character of Dolores was thought of as disappearing in the 4th season and the chances for that to happen to seem more. This may cause the chances for her host body to remain in the shape of pf Charlotte. Many characters won’t stay dead. Although we don’t know much about the plot of the season, chances are for something innovative to come out with the upcoming season.