Were Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift present at the Emmys 2019?

The Emmy’s 2019 were surely a grand affair with many celebrities in attendance.But, various speculations are going on about whether Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were present or not.

Interestingly, someone who looked a lot like Taylor Swift walked the Emmys red carpet. She was wearing a pink dress and blonde hair with blunt bangs. Just like Swift’s look from the song Lover, the woman’s hair was dyed pink at the ends. Though she looked like Swift, she’s not.

Swift had no nominations and was also not a presenter at the show. So it’s obvious she had no reason to be there. Her boyfriend Joe Alwyn also did not make an appearance.

Taylor and Selena
Credit: The Daily Mail

Meanwhile, Taylor’s good friend and singer Selena Gomez also couldn’t make it to the awards ceremony. Gomez only attended the Creative Arts Emmys once in 2009, and has never been to the regular Emmys.

Gomez has had a rather low-key summer. She spent her last weekend on the East Coast in Boston and attended the McLean Hospital’s annual dinner. Gomez was honored for her work for reducing the stigma that surrounds the discussion around mental health. However, Gomez did appear in a movie this year—The Dead Don’t Die though her upcoming work is music-focused.

Selena Gomez to release new music soon?

According to sources from E! and Entertainment Tonight, Gomez will release new, personal work by the end of this year and next year.
As per sources in Entertainment Tonight, Selena is working on new music which she plans to release this year. The source claimed that the “new music is going to be a different side of Selena.” 
The source also added that she has gone through a lot over the years and is “ready to share it with the world.”

Moreover, Gomez herself assured fans that she is releasing new music soon. Sometime back, she shared multiple Instagram Stories of herself in the studio. Selena captioned one studio image, saying — “Just so you know, I see your comments, and I’m working on it…”