Wentworth: Season 9!! The Powerful Show Officially Cancelled or Renewal Chances Alive? Latest Updates Below!

Wentworth canceled after 9 seasons?

Season 9 of Wentworth, an Australian television drama helmed by Lara Radulovich, should be familiar to thriller fans. The series premiered on May 1, 2013, for those who are unfamiliar with it. The dramedy TV series analyses Bea Smith’s (Danielle Cormack) existence when she initially enters jail after being accused of the attempted murder of her better half.

Wentworth’ (also known as ‘Wentworth Prison’) is an Australian dramatization show based on Reg Watson’s original 1979 series ‘Detainee.’ It was developed by Lara Radulovich and David Hannam. Set in contemporary Australia, the story of the Foxtel original series begins with Bea Smith being sentenced to detention in a nominal jail after attempting to attack her dangerous life partner. The next seasons follow Bea as she learns the prison’s tactics and works her way up to the top of the jail hierarchy before moving on to different characters.



Since its initial release in 2013, the series has gone on to create eight seasons of overbearing exposition and fundamental acclaim. The show’s grimy and realistic representation of prison life, as well as the nuanced acting by strong female leads, were praised by critics. After the tense cliff-hanger ending of the eighth season, fans should be eager to see the characters again on television. Let us assist you if you are looking for the 10th installment of the series.

Many people praised the show’s light-hearted potential, but they also pointed out that it was hampered by old previously established attitudes that were still in use. The show’s variety, displays, and lively exchange were among the many things that were praised.

It’s also been lauded for the way it depicts people and their relationships with one another. However, a few viewers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the show, claiming that it may be arrogant at times.



Wentworth Season 9 premiere date

Season 8 of Wentworth premiered on Netflix on September 30, 2020. The sitcom premiered on Fox Showcase on July 28, 2020, for Australian audiences, ahead of its US release, with the season finale airing on September 29, 2020. The eighth season consists of ten episodes, each lasting around an hour and a half.

Let us now turn our attention to information concerning the upcoming season’s arrival. For die-hard fans of the show, the latest information on the upcoming 10th season’s restoration brings both good and bad news. Following the conclusion of the sixth season in December 2018, the network announced that the show would be renewed for an eighth season with twenty episodes split into two halves.




In October 2019, over a year later, it was confirmed that portion 2 of the eighth season (or season 9) would conclude the show. In 2020, the major square of episodes from the previous request decreased.

Season 9 production was unfortunately halted due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In any event, series creator Pino Amenta tweeted that the final season will be completed on September 4, 2020, bringing the epic 100-episode quest to a close.


Wentworth Season 9 Star Cast

The series’ excellent ending will justifiably bring back the majority of the series’ living characters from previous seasons. Susie Porter will play Marie Winter, Leah Purcell will unveil the personality of clandestine cop Rita Connors, Kate Jenkinson will play Allie Novak, and Rarriwuy Hick will play Ruby Mitchell in prominent roles. Pamela Rabe, who plays Joan Ferguson’s fan-favorite role, will also return for the season.




Nicole da Silva will play Franky, Kate Atkinson will play Vera, Robbie Magasiva will play Will Jackson, Katrina Milosevic will play Boomer, and Bernard Curry will play Jake Stewart. The season will also feature the somewhat new cast members Kate Box, Jane Hall, Vivienne Awosoga, and Zoe Terakes as Lou Kelly, Ann Reynolds, Judy Bryant, and Reb Keane, respectively.

Season 9 of the Wentworth series has a storyline!

Lou Kelly and her associates cause a ruckus behind the bars in the seventh season. The season finale is filled with suspense as the old progressive jail systems are threatened by the individually more current detainees. Lou whips Allie with trickery, but Marie arrives at the last possible moment and presses the emergency button. Regardless, Allie is gravely injured in the shower by Judy’s rage.

With the assassination of Ann, Judy has a sense of ownership, and we learn that she used Reb’s investment funds to hire an assassin to kill a US state figure. Boomer learns that her phone companion has a jail pornographic site and tries to encourage Ruby to join her. Regardless of Vera’s efforts, Joan Ferguson’s episodes dynamically deteriorate as she returns to her juvenile injury, and we see her fastened up a cross section hood in the final minutes.


Season ten will inevitably pick up the bits left over from season eight’s heinous finale. As the season draws to a close, the season will hopefully conclude with a plethora of story lines. One of the main concerns among fans is whether Allie would survive the attack. All things considered, the previous season will undoubtedly shed light on this.

Teaser for Wentworth Season 9


Although no date has been set for the release of the Season 9 trailer, it is expected to arrive soon.


Is Wentworth an Adaptation of a True Story?

No, ‘Wentworth’ isn’t based on a true story for the most part. It borrows from Reg Watson’s famous Eighties clique cleansing drama, ‘Prisoner,’ which deals with the problematic theme of spirited and grieved women in prison.

Is it Worth Watching Wentworth?

It’s an amazing tomfoolery show to watch. It’s no frills on occasion and, unexpectedly, realistic, and that’s what sets it apart from the rest of the current crop of TV dramatizations. Wentworth obliterates Orange is the New Black in many ways, but he can also learn a thing or two from that fantastic programme.

Is Season 9 of Wentworth the Final Season?

Unfortunately, it is the time to say goodbye; however, we still have ten more episodes to consume before we say goodbye to this well-known dramatization. If you’re looking for a sneak peek into the previous season, this “Last Sentence” clip will get you ready for your Wentworth marathon.