Wendy Williams trying to remains calm even through the storms in her life!

Wendy Williams is so much stressed over  her divorce with Kevin Hunter. Wendy and Kevin have been married for 20 years. But in 1997,Kevin was found cheating on her, while they were still married. Kevin even had a child from his mistress. This took a toll in her. Wendy was and is still stalwart towards the relationship. But that us not how Kevin sees it.
Even when Wendy talked about her relationship in public as just a information for the fans, it turned out to be a bad news for Kevin. He was furious ans angry at her for making her personal life public. But Kevin does not really have the right to get angry at Wendy when he is actually at fault.
Anyhow, now they both of them are getting a divorce. But the problem is taking time and it is giving too much stress for Wendy. Even close information and people working with her on set and all have said that there is a change in her behavior because of this reason. She is stressed. Even though she tries to appear fine, she really is not. Wendy used to be happy and cheerful when she would come and work, but now the case is not so like that. Things have changed and Wendy is totally stressed on the matter. The divorced have taken a toll on her greater.
Hopefully soon then process would get fixed and she can be back to normal. Even Wendy wants this to end. She is excited to get this behind her, forget it and move on to newer things in her life with a good start. Everyone is supporting her. So if the process speeds up then this can all end and be left behind her back as a past and not something to be remembered and haunted for her life forever.