Wendy Williams made a shocking revelation about her former husband and people still can’t believe it

Wendy Williams has revealed some shocking facts and news about her former husband, Kevin Hunter. Wendy Williams said that Kevin Hunter has actually banned Tyrese Gibson from her show “The Wendy Williams Show” after Kevin Hunter thought that Tyrese has flirted with her.

Wendy Williams, 55-years-old, has made this shocking reveal in the latest episode of her show. Wendy Williams, back in April, has filed for divorce from her former husband, Kevin Hunter. Wendy Williams has made this reveal after she had Tyrese Gibson as a guest after three or four years for the first time.
Wendy Williams asked Tyrese Gibson as to why he has not been on her show for a very long time and has asked him where he has been all these three to four years. Tyrese Gibson responded that her husband, Kevin Hunter, has banned from her talk show because Kevin thought that he was flirting with her.

Image: Extra

Wendy Williams as she slid into the next segment while talking about Sadie Murray and about her drugstore beauty products that everyone must have and then went on to make this shocking revelation about her former husband.

As expected, the audience of “The Wendy Williams Show” let out a lot of gasps that were entwined with disbelief and a lot of other reactions as Wendy Williams confirmed again that Tyrese Gibson did claim that her former husband went to such extents.

As the episode went on, Tyrese Gibson talked about the battle he had with his ex-wife Norma about the custody of their 12-years-old daughter, Shayla. Tyrese Gibson explained that there will always be a situation where you have to be in a conflict when there is a child involved because no parents have the same method of raising their child and that they will never be on the same page.