Wendy Williams criticizes Kate Beckinsale for Dating Younger Men on her Wendy Williams Show


Wendy Williams has given some motherly advice to Kate Beckinsale  after she was seen with a new guy. Kate was in a relationship with SNL star Pete Davidson almost a year ago. Now she’s been spotted with 23-year-old Goody Grace and Williams seems to think about her. The TV host also added that she is not down with this and was offering up some advice for the 46-year-old.

Wendy Williams continued to say that Kate has got young boyfriend fever. Williams also warned Kate that this was going to bite her from behind. Williams was filming her show from home amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Williams goes on to say that, Kate does one thing and then another. It’s been four years since Kate had divorced her husband. She also says that at 46, Kate is gorgeous,  and it was time for her to get on the good foot and date age-appropriate. She was not even saying date old, just saying 35 and up.


Kate’s daughter is not actually bothered by the fact that Kate likes younger guys and she is also used to it at this point. Kate has got an attraction to younger guys that are creative — that’s just her type. She also likes surrounding herself with them because she likes being ‘in the know’ and up to date on what’s cool. Williams keeps on saying.

Beckinsale and Grace have been friends since January this year. They were recently spotted at many places, taking their dogs out for a walk and pictured holding hands. Before Grace, “The Widow” star had dated many other younger men including 21-year-old stand-up comedian Matt Rife in 2017, before she moved on to Jack Whitehall, 30, in 2018 and then briefly with Davidson.