Wendy Williams apologized her remarks that mocked Joaquin Phoenix for his facial disability!

It seems like Wendy William cannot steer clear of drama! She has been in controversy for a couple of times and every time it is because of some comments she has made regarding any other celeb.

Wendy Williams Apologized For Her Remarks Regarding Joaquin Phoenix ’s Lips!

Wendy talked about Joaquin Phoenix at length while she was discussing the Golden Globes during the Jan. 7 episode of The Wendy Williams Show. The 55-year-old host told her audience that she finds Phoenix oddly attractive. However, things took an unexpected turn when she went on describing the actor’s face. Things surely did not go in Wendy’s direction and rather she made the situation worse.

She continued to talk about how the actor has got a hairline fracture. She talks about the cleft lip, cleft palate. Williams continued, using her hand to pull up her own lip. This gesture was not well received by fans. The host faced quite a massive online backlash due to this.

What Was The Host’s Reaction Against The Online Backlash?

After facing this backlash, the host has finally apologized for her lapse in judgment. Wendy Williams has also promised to donate money to  Operation Smile and the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association to help families dealing with the condition. The host was widely criticized for miming the condition by crudely pulling up her lips. This act had quite an negative impact in fans.

This apology came in response to Canadian football player Adam Bighill, who had been a vocal critic of the star’s comments. He was born with the condition and whose infant son Beau also has a cleft palate. Wendy apologized by saying that she is sorry to the cleft community. Wendy Williams also announced that she will donate money in Beau’s honor.