We Might Not Be Able To Listen To The Songs On Which Zara Larsson Collaborated With Ed Sheeran And Ariana Grande! No more featuring other artists!

It seems like singing sensation Zara Larsson has taken a rather bold decision and opened up about it as well. Let us take a look at what this decision is all about!


Zara Larsson’s Collaboration Songs With Ariana Grande And Ed Sheeran Might Not Be Released After All! Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, the singer has revealed that while she did team up with other singing stars including Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran, those songs might not be released after all. This is because Larsson has decided to not have any collaborations on her second album.


The singer went on to explain how there is a song with Ariana Grande did a gang vocal thing. However, it might not be released. Larsson said that it anyway wouldn’t have made any difference as there like almost ten singers singing at the same time along with Ariana in the song!


The Singer Said That There Are So Many Songs That Some Might Be Scrapped Out.

However, she also did not forgo to talk about the fact that Ariana Grande is such a sweet person. The song as revealed by Zara is about not feeling your best at times and wishing that you were someone else sometimes! She did give fans hope that these songs might be released later in the future.


When asked about her collaboration with Ed Sheeran with whom she toured with last year, and Zara said that there are sons but they are so many in number that the universe might never be able to hear all of them! So,for now it seems like those skngs will remain a mystery for music lovers and Zara might later release them.