Falcon – The Support System to Captain America who becomes the New Captain America – A Review

Samuel Thomas Wilson, also known as Falcon, is a fictional superhero. He is also a part of Marvel Universe and also has his own comic book. His first appearance in comic books was in Captain America #117, which came in September 1969. Even as a matter of fact, he is the first African-American superhero. His character was created by the great Stan Lee and Gene Colan.

Why did the world decide to call him Falcon?

The word “Falcon” is of a bird, and it does have similarities with the character also, as this superhero can fly using mechanical wings and also has telepathic and emphatic control over birds. Through his telepathic connection, he can keep an eye to the whole United States of America as it gives him over six billions pair of eyes. He also has mind-blowing skills of hand-to-hand combat as Steve Rogers himself gave him Judo and Karate training. Since he has acquired training from Steve, therefore he can also use Captain’s S.H.E.I.L.D. properly.

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How he became Falcon?

In the comics, when Red Skull uses the Cosmic Cube, he mentally fuses Samuel with redwing trying to create a weapon for himself. Later, Skull again uses the Cube to rewrite the past. He also erases Samuel’s memory by fusing it with redwing. Captain America comes as a savior and befriends Samuel; then, he trains Sam to become a warrior. Afterward, Red Skull reveals Falcon his true identity as Snap Wilson and tries to use him to kill Captain America but fails. Therefore Falcon continues living as a hero and a friend of Steve. And thereafter, he also becomes a part of S.H.I.E.L.D.

How he became Captain America in the comics?

In a battle during Nazi villain, Master Man Sam is given a blood transfusion with Captain America, giving him powers that would later help him. During Captain America’s adventure in Dimension, Z Steve is given a super-soldier serum, which makes him very old. At the same time, Falcon stops Arnim to bomb New York. Therefore Steve decides that his friend Falcon will become the new Captain America.