Watch: Gary’s Son Hao Tears Up When He Finds Out He’ll Be Leaving “The Return Of Superman”


Gary’s child Hao says farewell to a passionate “The Return of Superman”!

Watch: Gary’s Son Hao Tears Up When He Finds Out He’ll Be Leaving “The Return Of Superman”

On the December 27 scene of the KBS 2TV choice present, Gary exhorted his child Hao that it was their excess day on this framework. The vocalist delicately characterized, “Hao, you and I are moving on from ‘The Return of Superman.’ At this time is the last day you’ll be gathering the digicam executives, authors, and PDs [producing directors].” At the point when Hao communicated disarray, Gary kept, “Graduating infers that you don’t go to high school any longer,” principal Hao to ask, “Shouldn’t something be said about tomorrow?” Gary answered, “We gained’t be [filming] tomorrow. Right now is the last day, the day we’re graduating.”

Hao began to destroy as he mentioned, “So does that suggest we’re bidding farewell?” Gary consoled him, “We are capable to’t state that it’s a full farewell since we can meet each other again eventually.”

By the by, even after Gary attempted to comfort the upset Hao by advising him, “It’s not something special to be troubled about,” Hao couldn’t keep up again his tears as he poutily exhorted the representatives, “I’m not going to fulfill you all! I’m not going to fulfill you.

Gary soothingly prompted Hao, “We can, in any case, meet them outside,” to which Hao mentioned, “Shouldn’t something be said about at staying?” Gary answered, “I’ll educate them to return go to us at abiding now and again.” The crying Hao at that point mentioned his father, “Illuminate them to return go to us parcels.”

Afterward, when Gary attempted to bid farewell to one of the numerous cameramen, Hao mournfully shouted, “Don’t bid farewell! Are we separating techniques now?” Gary mentioned, “You’re restless that should you bid farewell, it’ll really be the tip?” to which Hao sincerely gestured sure.