Was the Lack of Respect for Meghan Markle in the family caused Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Split from the Royal Family? Read More to Know More.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markel were the controversial successors of the royal family of London. In January 2020, the two made a harsh decision to leave their family by renowned all the princely titles that they were given. Their official statements about their decision were supposed to be made public by the spring of 2020 and here it is.


The two left home and moved from the UK to Vancouver, Canada, where they are expected to buy a house and stay permanently, as confirmed by the high commissioner to Canada in the UK. The two were stopped funding and security that they were provided formerly. The couple moved in with their young son and believe it to be a good decision. Their first official appearance after taking that decision was where they revealed the mental health that was disturbed by the couple. Harry took an hour-long session to describe the same and now he has decided to write a book to pen down the same.

What was the reason that they left the royal home and titles?


There were reports of distrust between the queen and Meghan Markel. When Markel went up to the highness to express her desires, her thoughts weren’t given any importance and that turned into a heated tension between the two which Harry took seriously and chose to leave their home. Reportedly, Prince Charles believes that had he not been in a relationship with Camilla Parker, his mother would not have been as affected as she was upon knowing the same which even resulted in her death and hence, affected the mental health of Harry. Wait for the book to be published and read the insiders in depth.