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‘War Without Rules,’ Money Heist aka La Casa De Papel is Just a Week Away Now!

Fans wait for long for sequels of a movie or a series after it gains recognition. Money Heist is one such series that received worldwide recognition for its most-watched previous seasons and as a result, because of the enthusiastic reviews its previous seasons received, the makers are all geared up to launch the 4th Season of the show.

Credit: Netflix

With the release of the trailer, the commencement of the show has been announced to be the 3rd of April 2020.

The trailer began on a gloomy note as Nairobi who was shot in the finale of season 3 was seen struggling for her life while Professor is distraught after loss of Raquel, whom he believes, has been shot by the Spain Police. The tension building has turned the gang against each other in the crucial time while Raquel was seen getting blackmailed to be a snitch if she wants to save her daughter.

Who can we expect to be cast for this season?

Like the previous seasons, Úrsula Corberó would be seen playing the role of Tokio, Itziar Ituño that of Raquel Murillo, Álvaro Morte would be seen in the prominent role of El Profesor and so and so forth.

Why is the fourth season awaited so much?

with the first three seasons ending on a very thrilling note, the fans are really looking forward to seeing something as great as that in the first three seasons and have been set ablaze by the thriller trailer that was put up officially.

Why so much craze for the 4th season?

Money Heist aka La Casa De Papel has been synonymous to adrenaline rush and thrill since it’s very inception. Each scenario in the show left fans wanting more, and the finale of season 3 had left everyone anxiously waiting for the next season due to the turn of events as the Professor war against people in war, and this time with no rules.

We are anxiously waiting for the new season and hoping it to live upto the expectations.

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