Want to know about the anime character Yusuke Urameshi? This is your one stop destination to get the answers to all your queries.

Yusuke is a multi year old kid that goes to Sarayashiki Junior High School. At some point while playing hooky, Yusuke is strolling around the area and starts engaging a young man however the kid meanders into the road, before an approaching vehicle. Yusuke pushes the kid off the beaten path and gets struck by the vehicle and murdered.

As an apparition, Yusuke runs into a little youngster named Botan, who is a Grim Reaper. She reveals to Yusuke that on the off chance that he didn’t push the child off the beaten path that the child would have just got a wound on his arm. She says she can recover his life, however he decays.

This progressions once he visits his wake, where individuals pay their sympathies to his mom. Atsuko, his mom is truly discouraged about her child kicking the bucket. Keiko Yukimura, a beloved companion cries wildly, shouting Yusuke’s name. Kuwabara shows up, a to some degree adversary of Yusuke’s, frantic and dismal that he passed on before they could complete the entirety of their fights.

Two of his educators trash Yusuke at the wake; Mr. Takenaka, additionally an instructor, reproves them for offending him. He offers his feelings of appreciation to Atsuko and cries at Yusuke’s passing; at exactly that point, Yusuke’s mother responds, crying uncontrollably when she catches wind of them discussing Yusuke. Finally, the kid who Yusuke spared shows up with his mom.

The kid inquires as to whether he can play with Yusuke once more, his mom cries and afterward embraces him. Knowing since he implied more to others than he understood, Yusuke chooses he needs to be alive once more.

Yusuke is given an egg by Koenma, ruler of Spirit World, and is informed that it will incubate a soul monster. The Spirit brute will assist him with recovering his life, yet he must be a decent individual. On the off chance that he is malevolent, the mammoth will eat up his spirit when it hatches. Yusuke tells Keiko in her fantasies that he will be returning to life. He reveals to her that his body needs be dealt with so he can come back to it.